Wealth Building with Darrin & Jayla (Part 1)

Jayla is chatting with Darrin Williams, CEO of Southern Bancorp, Inc. He is here to give you valuable insights for wealth building for people from all economic paths.

Darrin shares his background as an attorney that fought against big banks to protect consumers. His time in the Arkansas Legislature helped him make changes for low wealth individuals to build a better financial journey.

He found his calling with the mission of Southern Bancorp because of the type of work that this bank does.

Creating economic opportunities in underserved communities is Darrin, Jayla, and Southern Bank Corp’s passion and goal every day. They help entrepreneurs to build business and individuals to save with wealth building strategies.

Economic opportunity means different things to different people. For some it’s starting a dream business or buying a new home, while others might need to start with credit counseling, financial education, or a simple checking account. Whatever your needs, from Banking to Borrowing or simply Learning, Southern Bancorp has you covered.

There is so much to learn from the first part of the interview that you will come away with actionable tips for building a solid financial future right away.

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