WALT Chat with Mike Peggs, Entrepreneur

Kayla chats with Mike Peggs who left Google to take the risky but rewarding path towards becoming a very successful entrepreneur. After spending years at Google and Goldman Sachs to name a few, Mike realized his calling and his goal is to boost underserved communities and that boost comes from his entrepreneurship.

Through his experience at Google and other Fortune 500 companies he learned that culture is critical. Innovation comes from people that are hungry to earn more. Mike is one of these people. He did have an advantage when he was able to quit his 9-to-5 without debt because he didn’t have student loans. But he also had to find out what was his personal break even. He had to figure out what he could cut out of his lifestyle so that he can save money and conserve his cash flow and position himself as entrepreneur. He methodically saved rather spent for 5 years and it gave him the ability to nurture his financial growth.

As an entrepreneur, the biggest responsibility is problem solving. And the COVID pandemic presents a huge problem for people that were not prepared financially. Mike points out how important it is to supplement your main hustle with a side hustle. It is vital to over-communicate and share your knowledge with those who are looking for a leg up in the business world.

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