Starting a Clothing Brand with Wannabeclothing

Deirdre is chatting with Ellen Downes, the founder of Wannabeclothing. She started her clothing brand while in college. Her idea was sparked when she was going to festivals and realized that one-of-a-kind clothing was more than a trend.

Her clothing pieces are hand made to reflect her style sense and what is culturally relevant.

Ellen advertises entirely through social media, especially Instagram. She is has found it is important to use social media to engage with her clients. This is her side hustle as she also has a full time job so she is constantly balancing both passions.

Her advice for starting a side hustle is to be yourself. Don’t try to imitate just show your true style.

Are you a fashion designer or an apparel entrepreneur? Creating a clothing brand may represent a unique and interesting opportunity to design a product that represents your personal style and personality. As with any entrepreneurial adventure, you should have a mindset that you are willing to risk a bit to reap the reward.

Hard-wired with innovative concepts in terms of business and technologies, the millennial generation is risk-taking, adventurous and always ready to snatch opportunities. Their entrepreneurial mindset is so strong that they are even ready to forsake their regular, well-paid and stable jobs, and opt for their desired startups woven with the threads of their visions.

The most important rule of taking charge of your financial health is: Start now and start somewhere.

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