WALT App Test Group Portal

Hey WALTers! Welcome to the Test Group Portal for the WALT app. You are here because you’ve been chosen to help us make WALT the greatest financial app out there. Please bookmark this page because it’s not accessible except through the link. We will be constantly updating this page, so check back frequently, and please contact us below with any edit, issue, thought, or question about the app.

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Getting Started

We are going through some updates, to come back soon for more info.

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Update Log

  • 02.25.2021 – Updated website and also other stuff.
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Give Feedback

We want to hear from you! Tell us about your experience with the WALT app. Do you have an issue? A question? A concern? Do you like one feature, but not another? Do you have any ideas to improve the app to make it more user-friendly and useful for future WALT customers?

Any comment, no matter how small, could be the difference between a customer reaching their financial goals or deleting the app altogether. So drop us a line!

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