Michael Budgeting Tips

Meet Michael! Budgeting tips from the frontline

Hey Everyone! My name is Michael and I am so excited to share my budgeting tips, ways to make passive income all while living your life. My financial journey has been all over the road. What changed for me was using a financial coach to help retrain me on how I perceive the worth of a dollar, avoidable spending, and creating a financial strategy for myself. 

What I have found is that financial strategy and goals are basically like any other goals you have in life. If you want to become stronger, then you plan a fitness regime, if you want to be more organized, then you take inventory of what you have and plan how to categorize your items. Finances follow the same rules as any other fundamental goals (including budgeting) you wish to achieve. 

Since I’m one of those people where you can’t tell me the stove is hot, rather I need to burn my hand, I have been down misguided roads many times financially. Some of the incidences have been hilarious to speak of while others can be embarrassing. The one thing that I have gotten from my financial journey is to never link your self worth by what you have in the bank. Never do it. A shame spiral will keep you from fulfilling your goals and giving you a brighter now and tomorrow. 

If you want a little bit more from yourself, from your money and from your life, I am honored to share my experiences about budgeting  and saving money with you and also learn! I don’t know it all. And sometimes you will teach me things that I can put into practice and forward to our community. 

Looking forward to it all!



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