Meet Melissa!

Melissa is a person of many talents and skills. She’s a writer and personality, with several irons in the fire. Her ways of finding income match her amazing skills with budgeting and saving. She’ll share how she evolved from living beyond her means to someone who got her ducks in row.  It is easy, especially in this social media driven culture, to fall into the FOMO mindset. Spending money you may not have to just keep up your appearance on the Gram can quickly lead to becoming overextended and blowing up whatever budget you may have in place. Melissa experienced this but woke up one day and knew she had to make a change.  She decided to make her personal finance health her job. She treats money as a living entity. She nurtures it and protects it. Her insights will give you the straight story about curbing your initial instincts to spend to keep up with what you perceive to be the “standard”. Along with the other contributors here, you will get tons of ideas to help you become better at your financial health. So check out our budgeting hacks and money making tips and start on a path to a better financial future. 





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