Ian Is Our Coupon Code Sleuth Extraordinaire

Ian is our residential coupon king and deal finding ninja. He’ll be sharing with you sources for deals, ways to save money household items, as well as his own financial journey. Ian’s parents have been teaching him how to save money and stretch your money to ensure that there was a budget to do the things that they loved. Having been raised in New York City, that was no easy task given how expensive things are there. But his experience of living and learning from a whole generation of super deal hunters gave him the tools and mindset to never pay retail. Ian’s deal sleuthing abilities were finely honed when the internet became a the perfect way to find the best deals. Now he taps his investigative talents towards uncovering every coupon code, deal and rebate that will put more money in your piggy bank. He will share websites and apps that help you save a little money or a lot of money depending on how much time you have and what you are buying.  Remember it is not about the money you make, but the money you keep. Along with the rest of the team of Hey Walt contributors, you can find new money making tips and budgeting hacks every week!


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