Meet Deirdre!

Deirdre is one of a kind! She’s an import for Ireland, and just moved to the U.S. What timing, right? She is incredibly passionate about budgeting and saving and how it can transform a person’s level of comfort in their lives. In addition to all that, she’s a ray of sunshine. One of Deirdre’s many budgeting secrets is DIY – invest in yourself, learn a skill, and save money at the same time. Like other people her age, it’s hard to feel confident when your loan balance doesn’t seem to budge and you’re fishing through the couch cushions for spare change to put gas in your car. But you can gain some control over your finances, bit by bit, until that confidence comes. Financial fears — not wanting to check your credit, confront your debt or even discuss your student loans — can feel especially shameful. But facing those fears can empower you to take action. That’s where Deirdre and the other contributors here at Hey Walt come in. They have seen both sides of the financial coin and they want to share their what they have learned because we are all in this together. So check out our money making tips and budgeting hacks. Deirdre and the gang would love to here from you, too!

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