Amanda Budgeting Tips

Meet our fearless and intrepid financial leader

Amanda is our fearless financial leader in treading the waters of financial balance and skills. She works directly with Southern Bancorp Bank, where their mission goal is to help bank underserved communities. They provide financial development tools and public policy advocacy to help families and communities grow stronger. Amanda and the rest of our intrepid contributors are here to share their wins (and losses) when it comes to budgeting, find jobs, and growing towards a better financial future. You can get budgeting hacks and money making tips that Amanda and the team have shared. We are all on a learning curve when it comes to managing our money so be sure to lean on this community as we all are here to help demystify money and its place in your every day life. There is no dumb question since every question is an opportunity to learn something new, clarify something you thought you knew or completely change the way you look at money and its place in your day-to-day existence. We’ll help you set up lifestyle goals not just money goals. Finances become more manageable when you create an actionable plan and a time frame for yourself—say 3 to 5 years.

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