Jayla Budgeting Tips

Meet Jayla, Budgeting Tip Maven

Jayla is a ray of sunshine! She recently started being mentored by Southern Bancorp Bank superstar, Darrin Williams. Her financial journey is ongoing, just like the rest of ours, and she has amazing budgeting and money-making tips. Her relationship with money is based on what she experienced growing up. Her money heroes are her mom and grandmother. Jayla experienced that they both manage their money very well and are great about paying their bills on time. Growing up around people that are responsible with money is an important part of establishing a healthy relationship with money. But not everyone has that kind of relationship. But no matter what your early relationship is with money, there is time to make healthy changes to your outlook and how to make your money a friend rather than foe. That’s where Jayla and the rest of the Hey WALT contributors can help with their own tips!


Everyone is on their own path with establishing a financially secure future. And Jayla is here to share that her generation is willing to do the hard work to make that happen. Millennials are killing it in some areas, thanks in part to the turbulent financial times in which they came of age and what is currently happening. They are making smart choices, big and small, with the help of access to amazing resources like our site!  Jayla and the other contributors will be sharing their tips for financial stability so check out her video and these resources.

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