How to Get a Budget with Jayla

Jayla shares some great insights on how you can start with a simple budget and track where your money goes. Most of us can easily identify areas of our lives we wish to improve, yet struggle when we begin to lose that initial motivation to start. Many of us find ourselves in a state of financial strain, especially early on in our careers. This is often a result of a lack of routine surrounding our spending habits. Following a budget, like many other habits, can be difficult to stick with if you don’t create a plan that works for your lifestyle.  The first and most important step of making a lifestyle change is understanding the reason why you want to or need to change in the first place. Challenges and temptations are inevitable but in order to overcome these tough moments during your journey to a better lifestyle and fiscal resiliency, you need to have a strong why. Why do you want to make the change? What is the goal or result you want to achieve? When will you know you have reached your goal? Having a clear motivating factor, such as saving money to purchase a home, take a vacation, or pay off college debt, will provide you with motivation and reinforce good habits even when it feels difficult. If you’re struggling with money management and want to reach your financial goals this year, check out these steps from Jayla. She’ll take you on a tour of her own budget plan which offers tips to get you started!

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