Get the Bills Paid
and the Money Saved.

Budgeting is a universal challenge and trust us, we’ve been there. To simplify the complexity of needs and wants, plus the risk of overspending, we offer you the Vaults!

There are three types of Vaults:

Main Spending Vault

Main Spending Vault

Savings / Goals Vaults

Live Your Life.

When you create a WALT profile, you automatically have a Main Spending Vault. That’s where your money goes for your immediate needs. Like an impulse purchase, lunch with a friend, or disco dancing until the early morning.

Get Debit Cards Assigned to Your Vaults.

After setting up your profile, you can set up different Vaults used for purposes that suit your needs. You’ll be able to set goals, automate transfers to your Vaults, and even request a debit card that is tied to ONLY that Vault. Create a vault for bills, emergency savings, wishlist items, and any other goals or needs that are specific to you. Money will be automatically set aside to each Vault every paycheck.

A budgeting dream, indeed! ​