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Take the Guess Work
Out of Budgeting.

How this works.

Budgeting is not the bee's knees and can be a pain in the keester. To simplify this process, we created vaults, to allot your money into 3 different categories:




...and don't worry, there is no over-drafting.

Want a New Car? Toys for the Kids? A Cat with Lazer Eyes?

Set financial goals that are right for you and watch your financial needs and dreams come true.

Go Halfsies on Rent, the Light Bill, or a Bicycle Built for Two.

Send and request money that goes directly into the assigned vault and avoid the dreaded temptation of overspending.

Track Your Financial Health and Get Benefits.

With great financial health comes great opportunities! Need a loan for a car? A house? A space shuttle?
Apply for a loan and move into the next phase of your life.

Who is Walt For? Everyone!

Whether you're an Emily on the go and in need of brunch with the gang...

Before Walt

After Walt

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“Finally, a service that helped me budget, save and receive a loan for my new house. Easy and fun to use!” ​

- Rhonda
Little Rock, AR

“A great service that makes sense and was able to increase my credit score and has given me financial wisdom!” ​

- Mark
Nashville, TN

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