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Giving Back on a Budget!

Life is stressful right now. Sometimes the best deterrent to stress is giving to those in need and who could benefit from some help from someone like you.

Giving back doesn’t have to be something you do ‘when you have more time’ or ‘have more money.’ It can be a part of your everyday life now. At any age or any stage of life.

A lack of cash didn’t stop Millennials from donating last, either. According to financial site, only 29% of Millennials favored monetary donations. They were far more likely to donate clothes, food and other supplies (41%) and volunteer their time (27%). While 22% of American adults gave more in 2017 than they did last year — almost twice as many as the 12% who are giving less — Millennials are showing how to make the most impact with the least cash.

A few ways to give back can be to volunteer your time or donate your expertise. Do you have skill that a nonprofit might be able to utilize? From plumbing to bookkeeping, many charities seek in-kind donations of time in the form of professional assistance to save their funds to help those in need. You can also donate your time at a local pantry or clothes closet, or mentor a student. There is always a need at these smaller organizations and just a few hours a month can make a huge difference.

Even if we don’t have much to offer monetarily, we still can offer ourselves, our compassion, and our presence.

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