Wealthable takes the time and stress out of managing your budget so you can focus on the more important things…


Unlimited Vaults

Think of Vaults as individual envelopes or pockets to divvy up your finances. Wealthable allows you to create an unlimited number of Vaults!

Automated Savings

We know you're busy. Take the guesswork out of saving money by setting a saving schedule and letting Wealthable take care of the rest.

Interest Paid Daily

Earning daily interest is great and all, but Wealthable PAYS interest daily – at a rate over 10x the national average!**

Connect & Collaborate

Between the Shared Vaults and Connections features, there are multiple ways for you and your circle to work together on your shared financial goals.



We can think of Vaults as envelopes or pockets for you to easily separate all of your savings and expenses into a budget that works for you!

You can create an unlimited number of Vaults as well – completely free. No hidden fees, monthly fees, or overdraft fees.


When you create a new Vault, you have the option to implement Scheduled Saves. Choose the timing and amount that works for you and your goals and allow Wealthable to handle the rest.

Whether you’re saving for a big vacation, a new car, or even a new pair of shoes, we have you covered.

You can also schedule your money to be moved into Expense Vaults as well – not just Savings Vaults! Our goal is to make budgeting as seamless and stress-free as possible for you!


You read that right!  Other banks let you earn daily.  We PAY daily.  Daily compounding is just one more way we help you build wealth! 

Wealthable charges no hidden fees and pays you interest every single day of the year (weekends and holidays too!) at more than 10x the national average savings account rate**.



Between the Shared Vaults and Connections features, there are multiple ways for you and your circle to work together on your shared financial goals.​

Shared Vaults are great for roommates who split the rent, a group of friends planning a vacation together, or a family chipping in on a gift. Any of your Savings or Expense Vaults can easily be turned into a Shared Vault!

Connections are the folks you add to your circle on Wealthable. Whether they’re a part of a Shared Vault with you, or you just need to send them a quick $5 to pay them back for coffee!



Just like with Vaults themselves, you can assign a VaultKey to as many Vaults as you’d like. VaultKeys are a unique routing and account number associated with that Vault only.

You can also turn the “Key” on or off at anytime you’d like as well! This is one of the many ways Wealthable helps keep you secure.


Every Wealthable user has a personalized Score they can monitor on their dashboard. It measures your overall financial health and encourages you to build small habits that build your wealth.

Unlike the credit score, the Wealthable Score is determined by five different factors, like spending less than you bring in or even how often you login to the app!


When you set up direct deposit and combine that with Scheduled Saves and automatic bill pay, you have really hit the “seamless budgeting” jackpot!

Once your deposit hits, your Scheduled saves can automatically be doled out into whatever Vault system works best for you and your personal financial goals. And boom – your monthly budget is set without you needing to lift a finger!

** 10x claim based on Bankrate.com’s average savings account benchmark of 0.14% as of 10/05/2022. Interest rates are variable.  For more information on rate changes and calculations, see the Wealthable Terms and Conditions.