Earn Extra Money During COVID

Looking for ways to make extra money during COVID? Need to pay your bills on time, pay off your student loans, car payments, or build your equity? There are opportunities out there to help you not only survive in today’s new economic climate but also to maybe even get ahead and achieve your financial goals.

Kara is here to share her favorite 4 tips that can help you make some cash now.

Upcycle your stuff

One is to cash in your items on sites like ThredUp and Facebook Marketplace. There’s no need to let your closet stay full of clothes that you bought on a whim or just don’t fit your current vibe. With all the apps out there to help you sell your stuff online, it has never been easier to turn your unused clothes into some serious bank.

Tap UpWork

UpWork and Freelancer and other sites like this provide you the opportunity to get new side gigs where you can leverage your talents. They list hundreds if not thousands of part time jobs that you can do online. The gig economy was big before COVID and it is sure to be even bigger after things go back to the new normal.

Make your hobby a habit

If you have something that you adore doing, why not find ways to convert your talent into something you can monetize? If you are musically, technically or artistically inclined, there are many ways you can offer your services online to people that may be on the lookout for just what you have to offer!

Get out of the house

Delivery services and other service industries have grown exponentially since COVID hit. Instacart, GrubHub, Uber are just a few of the services that are looking for more people to hire as demand goes up. They are pretty flexible with their hours and you can customize your availability.

Make your money work for you

Give yourself a financial health check. Identify your strengths and weaknesses when it comes to your current financial situation. There are many financial institutions that offer free or discounted services during COVID that might help you grow your money faster or save more of it with better savings rates.


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