DIY Living with Deirdre

DIY living! What is that?

DIY living may not be new to some of you but it is definitely something that a lot of people are discovering these days.

Deirdre is here to share how she has made some major and fun changes because of external events! With the new world we find ourselves living in, there is huge surge in finding ways to make do with it is in your immediate environment (home, apartment, treehouse). This has led to a monumental shift in the trend towards self-sufficient living.

What is home centric living?

Home centric living is supplying of your own needs with out external help and input. Instead of buying and consuming, people are now making and doing it for themselves. This is a trend that is catching on with both people that are working from home as well as people that find themselves back to work in some capacity.

3 Reasons the DIY Trend is Awesome

Here are Deirdre’s three reasons the DIY trend is a great way to live now:

1. Save money.

2. Learn a skill (and save money in the long term).

3. Feel better.

Having a hobby or a new skill will make you feel better! Dierdre shares how she has made DIYing a way of life in this video. Check out all of the cool new projects she has been working on to prove that DIY is here to stay!


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