3 Ways to Save

Jayla is sharing her three ways to save.

Now is the perfect time to push the restart on your saving habits:

  1. Eat at home
  2. Become a coupon rockstar
  3. Challenge yourself to not spend

There is almost always a better, or best decision when it comes to money, but a good decision is better than making none at all. When it comes to saving, investing, launching a business, lending money, anything having to do with money the key to getting ahead is always making good decisions. You don’t have to make better or best. Good is often good enough.

It is interesting to note that there are little habits millennials tend to ignore, yet they can save them significant time on the amount of money they spend daily or monthly.

Some of the money-saving approaches you can adopt today that can add up to significant savings include filling up your car when you are in an area with cheaper gas, opting for basic cable instead of premium channels, taking a shower at the gym instead of home, turning off every light before leaving for work, and keeping water from running when it is not in use.

Good money decisions are all about building your foundation. If you just make good money decisions you will be better off than a vast majority of people. These decisions can help you escape living paycheck to paycheck, save more, and even reach financial independence. Of course, these aren’t the only ways to save, but it’s a good start.


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